Ongoing Research Support

P50 GM03004 (PI: J. Aubé)

09/30/03 – 08/31/08

Center of Excellence in Chemical Methodologies and Library Development
The major goal of this proposal is to develop a center of research excellence for combinatorial chemical methodology and library design.
Role: Core Lead

RR-03-010 (PI: J. Hunt)

07/01/04 - 08/31/09

National Institutes of Health, NCRR
Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence
KU-L Bioinformatics Core Facility
Unified Data Format for Mass Spectrometry Analysis (RD2)
The goal of this project is to establish biomedical research infrastructure at major Regent's institutions within the state of Kansas, with primary focus on education, networking and bioinformatics capabilities.
Role: Core Lead

R01 CA106655-01A1 (PI: J. Krise)


National Institutes of Health, NCI
Analysis of Intracellular Drug Sequestration
The objective of this effort is elucidation and mitigation of drug sequestering mechanisms within anti-cancer drug resistant cell lines. A component of this research effort entails the development of quantitative structure - transport relationship (QSTR) models correlating the physicochemical structure of a series of organelle specific fluorescent molecular probes with their observed cell permeabilities, with the goal of optimizing the latter.
Role: collaborator

R01 DA18832-01 (PI: J. Aldrich)

2/15/05 – 2/14/10

Peptidic Ligands for k Opioid Receptors
The purpose of this proposal is to analyze cyclic peptides as a function of conformation, with a goal of refining their capacity to serve as opioid agonists and antagonists.
Role: Co-Investigator

subcontract (PI: R. Larock, IowaState University)

10/01/06 - 9/30/09

Iowa State University/NIH flowthru 
Pilot-Scale Heterocyclic and Carbocyclic Libraries for High Throughput Screening
The goal of this application is to produce pilot-scale libraries derived from an array of novel heterocyclic and carbocyclic scaffolds for populating the testing sets associated with the NIH Molecular Library Screening Center Network.
Role: Principal Investigator of subcontract

2 P20 RR15563-06 (PI: P.R. Hanson)

10/01/06 – 06/30/10

National Institutes of Health/NIGMS
Probing Diversity Space with Novel Pilot Scale Libraries
The goal of this application is to produce pilot-scale libraries derived from an array of novel heterocyclic scaffolds.
Role: Co-Investigator

2 P20 RR15563-06 (PI: B. Timmerman)

09/30/06 – 06/30/10

National Institutes of Health (COBRE)
Center for Cancer Experimental Therapeutics
Core C: High Throughput Screening
Project 5: Total Synthesis and SAR Studies of Salinosporamide A
Core C of the COBRE program assists COBRE investigators and other researchers in the development and execution of bioassays to identify bioactive compounds from chemical libraries that affect functions of enzymes, receptors or cells for their potential use as anticancer agents. Project 5 proposes a total synthesis of salinosporamide A and subsequently the method developed will be applied towards investigation of the SAR profile, and design/development of modified analogs in search of improved bioactivity.
Role: Co-Investigator of Core C

R01 (PI: B. Hagenbuch)

04/01/06 – 03/31/11

National Institutes of Health/NIGMS
Molecular Characterization of Hepatic Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptides
The long-term goal of the proposed studies is thus to elucidate the structure and function of the organic anion transporting polypeptide (OATP) mediated transport as a prerequisite to predict hepatic related drug-drug interactions via a variety of analytical and modeling techniques.
Role: Co-Investigator

R01 GM077309-01 (PI: P.R. Hanson)

05/01/07 – 4/30/10

National Institutes of Health/NIGMS
Methods for Bioactive Compound Synthesis
The major goal of this proposal is the asymmetric synthesis of (1) dolabelides A and B, (2) fostriecin, (3) leustroducsin B (LSN-B), (4) several members of the cyclipostin family and analogs, and (5) cytostatin. In silico and biological screening of all compounds and analogs will be carried out with the aid of co-PI’s Schonbrunn and Lushington and collaborator Jim Inglese at the NIH/NHGRI.
Role: co-Investigator

1P01 AG029531-01A2 (PI: G. Bousfield)

04/01/09 – 03/31/14

NIH / National Institute on Aging
The Aging Pituitary-Gonadal Axis
This proposal seeks to structurally and functionally characterize post-translational modifications to specific targets within the pituitary-gonadal axis according to their contribution to aging-related degradation of biochemical function. The informatics core of this effort supports protein purification and mass spectrometric analyses within this project.
Role: Core Lead; Principal Investigator of subaward

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