Applied Bioinformatics

ABL services are now being provided by Molecular Graphics and Modeling Laboratory

The Applied Bioinformatics Lab (ABL) is a research-oriented service laboratory providing advanced and comprehensive informatics support to the research community. Currently ABL services include:

  • Data analysis and mining in proteomics, genomics and chemistry;
  • Systems biology approaches such as pathway, network and interaction analyses;
  • Large scale statistical and machine learning studies;
  • Protein structure, function and stability prediction, sequence and domain analyses;
  • Design and implementation of relational databases and software programs;
  • Consultation on experimental design involving data acquisition, management and analysis;
  • Report, grant, and manuscript preparation.

Services are provided in the form of fee-based consultation for well defined informatics analysis, or collaborative projects for those requiring longer-term commitment of time and effort. We also provide workshops and one-to-one sessions for training in software programming and data analysis. We constantly explore new informatics areas and building new capacities based on scientific trends and local needs.

David Johnson
Access to more than 40 computational chemistry software programs and databases
High-performance computational tools accelerate drug discovery and minimize costs
Analyze complex, multidimensional data sets to rapidly generate biological insights
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